New Jersey Mobile IV Hydration Service

New Jersey Mobile IV Hydration ServiceJersey Shore IV Hydration Therapy is your answer for a New Jersey mobile IV hydration service. We are mobile IV hydration and vitamin therapy specialists, dedicated to providing safe and effective care. Our services are available in your home and include fluids, antioxidants, and treatments for hangovers, diminished energy levels, and general wellness. Our service areas are focused on the resort towns at the Jersey Shore and include Atlantic City, Avalon, Margate, Sea Isle City and Somers Point. If you live outside of these areas, contact us and we’ll let you know if we can reach you.

Did You Overdo It?

It happens to the best of us…we go out to enjoy a good time, and drink more than we should. Maybe we aren’t aware of the alcohol content or we were caught up in celebratory toasts. The next day is brutal…headaches, nausea, vomiting, and aches and pains, and worst of all, a wasted morning and possible afternoon at a favorite destination.

As you may be aware, the hangover is largely the result of dehydration and loss of essential nutrients in your body, and hydration is the best approach to feeling yourself again. At Jersey Shore IV Hydration, we can help you feel better fast, with specialized IV drips that include vitamins and minerals and get your body the nutrients it needs quickly.

In cases where you require hydration, sometimes it’s not easy to make the trip for an IV service, and in some cases, such as when enduring a hangover, it’s not a good idea to attempt to drive a car anywhere, even short trips for medication or sports drinks. You could still lose consciousness or have a lapse in concentration that results in an accident. Often you don’t know your weaknesses when hung over, and you risk injury or injuring others, especially if you’ve been trying “hair of the dog” cures. Let our professionals come to you instead.

While you can attempt to provide nutrient supplements to your body orally, the vitamins and minerals need to be metabolized, and don’t provide the full benefit of absorption. An IV hydration service provides the full nutrients, and does so through the bloodstream safely and quickly.

How Our New Jersey Mobile Hydration Service Works

Jersey Shore IV Hydration Therapy specialists can bring our IV equipment to your home, and assist in hydrating your body properly for maximum absorption and immediate improvement in bodily function.

When you call on us for your New Jersey mobile IV hydration service, our medical professionals will visit your location. We’ll ask you to complete the Consent to Treatment form, and we will conduct a physical evaluation. This includes measuring your vital signs, to ensure that your treatment is safe. An IV treatment typically has little to no major side effects, although some bruising and minor bleeding can occur and cold sensations are common.

Once we complete the IV insertion, sit back and get comfortable. The typical procedure lasts 30 minutes to an hour. After it’s over, you will begin to feel better fast and reclaim your day. Following the treatment, the nausea from a hangover usually dissipates within an hour. Afterwards, the remaining headaches and other symptoms should subside shortly.

We use quality and approved medical equipment for your IV therapy. It’s the same equipment you see in hospitals, except we handle your treatment in the comfort of your home. We’ll keep you relaxed and comfortable throughout as your system receives the nutrients and hydration it needs.

Start Feeling Better Now.

If you’re visiting our fabulous Jersey Shore or have plans in place, don’t waste your valuable time. Call on us to help you eliminate your symptoms, hydrate yourself, and feel like new again!

Schedule an appointment here; for your immediate hydration needs, call us at 609-732-2499. Our services may be possible based on staff availability. We can help you become a better and healthier version of yourself again!

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Pricing For New Jersey IV Hydration Services:

As of July 2022 our pricing for hydration hangover service is $190 per patient; $125 for patients in Linville. We offer reduced rates for groups of three or more, for as low as $125 per patient. We require a $150 deposit upon booking. Jersey Shore IV Hydration accepts HSA and HFA plans. For more information about pricing for hangover relief hydration, as well as treatment for migraines, immunity and other services, visit our Pricing page.