IV Pricing

IV   Linwood Mobile**
Vitality   $165.00 $240.00
Immunity   $150.00 $231.00
Performance   $150.00 $218.00
Hangover   $125.00 $190.00
Beauty   $150.00 $225.00
Migraine   $150.00 $225.00
  100mg $160.00 N/A*
  250mg $255.00 N/A*
  500mg $450.00 N/A*
Vitamin C*** 15g $165.00 N/A*
  25g $230.00 N/A*
  50g $320.00 N/A*
Alpha Lipoic Acid      
  300mg $180.00 N/A*
  600mg $240.00 N/A*
Concussion-Headache Dominant   $150.00 N/A*
Concussion-Nonheadache Dominant   $165.00 N/A*
IM (office only)      
Vitality   $40.00  
Immunity   $40.00  
Beauty   $40.00  
Detox   $50.00  
Skinny   $25.00  
Skinny Plus   $40.00  
IV/IM Packages (office only)      
Vitality   $255.00  
Immunity   $240.00  
Beauty   $245.00  
  With Vitality $285.00  
  With NAD Varies based on NAD dosage  

*Treatments are only available in the Linwood office

**Mobile prices are per person and decrease for groups of 2 or more; call for specific pricing. For example, the price of a Hangover treatment drops to $125 per person for groups of 3 or more.

***High Dose Vitamin C treatments require specific bloodwork prior to initiating treatment

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  • Treatments are guaranteed with appointments made in advance.
  • HSA and HFA Plans Accepted!
  • Mobile IV Hydration Requires a $150 Deposit - Minimum Group of 3 in Atlantic and Cape May Counties Only
If you must cancel an appointment please give 48 hours’ notice to ensure your deposit can be refunded

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