IV Hydration Assists Workout Recovery

IV Hydration Assists Workout Recovery

One of the most overlooked aspects of any exercise program is recovery from workouts, and IV hydration assists workout recovery and helps you with overall strength building. During most forms of exercise, your body suffers from microtears in the muscles, tendons and ligaments, as well as subtle breakdown of the bones undergoing the most stress during the workout. The severity of damage is based on the type, intensity and duration of the exercise. Your body needs time to repair the damage done by the preceding workout. This cycle of breakdown and repair allows the body to come back stronger than it started, which is how we improve our strength and fitness.

If we do not give our bodies time to properly recover, we end up with dreaded overuse injuries such as tendinitis or stress fractures. Recovery can be broken down into passive and active. Passive recovery involves allowing the body to completely rest. It can also include modalities such as a sauna or heat/ice. Passive recovery is usually reserved for injuries or severe fatigue. Active recovery on the other hand involves low intensity activity such as cycling, walking or yoga. These types of activities encourage blood flow to the muscles helping to wash away built up lactic acid and maintaining flexibility in the muscles.

In addition to rest, hydration and nutrition are two more essential aspects of recovery. During summer workouts, our bodies lose an immense amount of fluid to help control our body temperature. In addition, it takes nutrients such as protein, vitamins and minerals to repair the damaged tissue from our workouts. It can be challenging to consume all the water and nutrients required to properly recover from summer workouts, especially high intensity ones.

Improve Workout Recovery with IV Hydration

An alternative to eating and drinking the required nutrients is to skip the GI system all together and have them infused directly into the bloodstream. Recovery IVs have been growing in popularity over the last few years. A liter of fluid can be infused through an IV to help immediately replenish the water lost in sweat from a workout. In addition, amino acids, vitamins and minerals can be added to the IV bag to supply all of the needed fuel the body requires to repair its damage.

As we return to pre-Covid routines of work and exercise, it is important to remember that our bodies will need time to adjust to elevated post-lockdown activity. Our bodies require a significant amount of fluid and nutrients to heal the damage from intense workouts. Allowing for adequate workout recovery will help prevent overuse pain and injury.

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