Immune System Boosting IV Treatments

Immune System Boosting IV Treatments

We are your team for immune system boosting IV treatments. Our team will bring the best nutrients to you, getting you quickly restored and replenished to move about your day in top condition. With our IV drips, our clients can fill the gaps in their nutrition deficiencies that may have diminished their immune system.

We help our clients by providing a combination of fluids, B complex and Vitamin C to their homes through mobile IV Hydration and vitamin therapy sessions. The medical professionals on staff will arrive at your home or other location for treatment. Our highly trained nurses come to your rescue in the comfort of your home, hotel, office, or wherever you may be. The program is directed by a local and well-respected physician team.

All our clients receive a physical evaluation, including measurement of vital signs, to ensure safe treatment administration. Typical procedures last 30-60 minutes based on each client and the amount of fluid. We want to assure those being treated that this will be a relieving experienced; instead of a clinical experience, IV Hydration Therapy is typically relaxing and refreshing.

Using this treatment consistently as part of your wellness diet will keep your body healthy from infections and bacteria. A regimen consisting of an IV infusion of 10g of Vitamin C to help kickstart the immune system followed by daily oral supplementation of 2g in the morning and 2g at night can serve as a prophylactic treatment to help prevent infection from any viral illnesses.

To set up your appointment for immune system boosting IV treatments, contact us here. Once a set time is established, our team can bring their services to you.